Marshall Baptist Association
Saturday, July 24, 2021
Intentional Evangelism



 MBA 2021 Mission Trips

*2021 Amazon Trip *

Due to an increase of COVID cases in the Manaus Region 
on the Amazon, this trip has been cancelled. 
We are looking into booking the trip in October of this year.
Dates will be published as soon as we
are able to start booking trips.

*Craig, Alaska Project *

We are teaming up with the Alabama Baptist/Alaska Partnership and
helping start a church in Craig, Alaska.
The name of the church is Liberty Church - they have purchased a
building and we are trying to help them complete their building.
The facility is only halfway completed - the pastor has calculated the
cost of completing these rooms  - $3,800 per room.
A team from Sardis Baptist went in early June.

There are 2 ways you can help in this project:

1. Pray!
2. Giving monetarily

Funds are needed to help finish the ten rooms that need to be
finished with insulation, sheetrock, painting and flooring. If your
church is interested in sponsoring a room or giving any amount,
please make checks payable to Marshall Baptist Association
and we will get the funds in the correct place.